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Have you ever wondered why was founded? Have a look at this little experiment, to understand the reasons:

First of all, google “segregation”. You will find out that there are tons of results (more than 28’000’000). Then try to find information on any other form of segregation but racial segregation. Afterwards, search for “Residential Segregation in South America”. What you will find out is that although our website currently has few visitors, our post made it on the very first page in Google (at the moment it is the fourth entry). All the entries before this one, however, are not related to South America, but linked somehow to North America.

This short task should have made you realise two things: Firstly, segregation is mostly looked at in North America and, secondly, focuses on race. However, there is also segregation by gender, sexual orientation, income, religion, education and language to name just a few other (marginalised) types. Moreover, segregation occurs everywhere and is definitely not restricted to North America. comes in to fill this gap. We aim to provide articles, stories, photo series, maps, etc. to highlight why the division of groups is such a crucial topic. Furthermore, we also want to demonstrate that segregation is not a regional, but a global phenomenon.

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