The Social Ladder is Out of Order

According to Gregory et al., social mobility “refers to upward or downward changes in the socio economic status of individuals or households” (467). It also involves networks because “the size, social composition and spatial location of a person’s network of social contacts can affect the probability of upward or downward mobility” (467).

A contemporary discussion about social mobility was launched with the Occupy movement with their slogan: “We are the 99%.”

The following cartoon by Khalil Bendib refers to the mentioned context:


Cartoon by OtherWords cartoonist Khalil Bendib


This cartoon encapsulates how many people feel these days: There is a rich group at the top and the rest is excluded. Even though they only want to lead a decent life, they are hindered by the elite who does not allow them to climb up the social ladder – “Sorry, folks!”

Do you have any remarks about the Occupy movement and/or social mobility?



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